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Can you exercise right up until due date?

14 May 2018

The theories out there regarding exercise during pregnancy are plentiful. We (Robs & Kit) often find ourselves sending each other pictures/magazine articles/fitness posts that literally blow-our-minds when it comes to the inaccuracy of information that people are putting out there with regards to exercise during pregnancy. We definitely don’t assume an expert role when it…

Coffee With Meredith

10 Apr 2018

Meet Meredith Breitenbach, a mum of 2 (one on the way this month!), living in St Paul, Minnesota. Tell us about yourself: I’ve been married to Mike, the love of my life, for 3 years. We have a daughter who will be 2 in April, and are expecting our second (a boy!) in April as well!…

Coffee With Brittany

03 Apr 2018

Meet the gorgeous Mum of 6, US Navy Veteran, Brittany Hohenstein from Whidbey Island, Washington. Tell us about yourself… I am a US Navy veteran and have been married to my husband for 6 years. We have 6 wonderful children. Three of which I have birthed and three that I have been fortunate enough to…

Coffee With Ellie…

27 Mar 2018

    Meet Ellie Danks from the West Midlands, UK. Mum to a little girl and pregnant with number 2. Tell us a bit about yourself… I’m Ellie, or Elle which I prefer and most people tend to call me! I’ve been with my partner Ben for almost 11 years! We were childhood sweethearts and we…

Coffee With Charene…

20 Mar 2018

Meet Charene Soares, a mum of 2, entrepreneur and mommy blogger. Living in Gauteng, South Africa. Tell us about yourself… I am happily married (going for 10 years this year). I ended up marrying the guy I had a crush on when I was younger and wrote love letters to. I have two beautiful children – Jaxon…

Trendy kids & baby shoes

17 Mar 2018

One of the reasons that we launched our brand last year, was that we struggled to find workouts for pregnancy and post-baby that allowed a mum to workout from home, with baby/toddler possibly at their side. We love the idea of your toddler working out with you (in a playful way), or your babe watching…

Am I depressed or is Motherhood just overwhelming?

15 Mar 2018

  A few days ago, I, Kit, posted on social media that I had struggled with a stint of postnatal depression earlier this year. I say stint as I tend to deal with things quickly and have a very strong need to self regulate and thus managed to get on top of it quickly. But…

Coffee With Tracey…

13 Mar 2018

      Meet Tracey Dawson, a mum of 2 boys living in Cape Town, South Africa. Tell us a bit about yourself I’m a 30 something wife and mom of two beautiful boys Liam (9) and Cole (1). I’m a full time working mom navigating my way through my busy, yet fulfilling life. I’m…

Coffee With Kirrah

06 Mar 2018

  Meet Kirrah Stewart, a Doulah for over 10 years living in Byron Bay, Australia.   Tell us a bit about yourself… I’m married to my soul mate. We live a rustic life with 65 chickens and 2 horses. I really believe it takes a village to raise a child so I am actively involved…

Coffee With Mycaila

27 Feb 2018

Meet Mycaila Burgess (newly Stevenson). A born and bred Capetonian living in Glasgow, Scotland. Tell us a bit about yourself… So much has changed in the last few months of life! I have recently just become a Mrs to Robbie as of the 5th Jan 2018 – he is a Scottish lad, and I am a…

Sue Pretorius

“I am 3 weeks into my 3rd trimester of the Flourishing Fit Moms workout program and I am LOVING it! The exercises are super easy to interpret, and you can do them anywhere. All the exercises accommodate my growing belly and I feel really comfortable doing them.”

Cortnee Bentham

“Flourishing Fit Moms, thank you for this incredible well-thought out & easy to use pregnancy workout program. I love that you can do all the exercises from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. I so wish I had had this program from my 1st

Sheene Venske

“I am SO excited that there are finally safe pregnancy and postpartum workout programs available, designed by professionals for the average mom. I wish I had had this during my 1st pregnancy to aid in health and overall well being for both myself and my baby. I will definitely use these programs for my next pregnancy.”

Katie Turton

During both of my pregnancies (2) I found it challenging to carry during the third trimester; my body was uncomfortable and stiff. I followed the Ffitmoms program during my 3rd trimester this pregnancy (I have a newborn now) and I cannot believe the change. It really helped me stay mobile and comfortable, right to the very end. I loved how easy the program was to follow with minimal equipment required. I wish I had followed these programs throughout my pregnancy

Rachel Black

I am really enjoying the Flourishing Fit Moms pregnancy workout programme. I love the fact that it only takes around 15 minutes to complete one of the work outs using minimal equipment. The best part is I can do the workouts in my living room, in Dubai! It's easy to fit into a busy work day which is something that really appealed to me. I am so looking forward to starting the Trimester 3 program in a weeks time!

Sophie Slater

Thank you to Flourishingfitmoms for providing a great workout plan for 2/3 trimester moms. Helping me not loose touch with my body whilst pregnant. Looking forward to purchasing the post pregnancy workout plan!

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  • Another gorgeous happy customer ♡

I started the Flourishing Fit Moms program in my second trimester and have loved every workout ever since. The programs are specifically designed to be managble during pregnancy and have helped me stay relatively fit and healthy throughout. I have loved how easy they are to follow and have managed to complete them all within the comfort of my own home! I have always been an active person and was worried that this would stop during pregnancy but with the help of these manageable programs I am still exercising well into my third trimester! - Marielle Fritsch
  • Everyday #preggy mums can workout too!! ♡

Staying active during pregnancy isn't only for fit mums, its for every mum. The benefits of a bit of exercise during pregnancy are enormous for mum and babe. ~

That's why we designed our programs to be able to be done from home (comfort is key during pregnancy) & to take only 15 - 20min of your time (you're busy and we get that) ~

Follow the link in our bio to sign up as a member and receive your 1st month of us. ~ * As a member you also receive weekly inspiring emails, accountability, access to a library of info & a forum and of course you can download your weekly workout too
  • Talking tummy ♡

Lets talk tummies. Saggy, wobbly, stretched and beautiful: its a mom thing!!! Preggy/Postbaby bellies look SO different to what they did before we fell preggers and that's totally worth celebrating and rocking (many women would give anything to grow a life in their belly!) To celebrate our mummy tummies and their uniqueness, we're asking you to send us a pic of your talking tummy with a little caption as to what your tummy is saying. Every Wednesday we'll post a talking tummy and caption, to inspire us all to love our #postbabybody. No names will be linked to images ♡

PS: Inspire us with your captions. Let's create a space for mums to embrace their bodies and flourish!!
  • We've decided to treat you..just bcos we can.  We know how tight money is and we want to make our preggy and postbaby workout programs available to everyone so... Your first months membership fee is on us Beautiful. ♡

Just use this code when u check out: CDB57
  • Sunday crush ♡

We're totally crushing on the #tfkjoggster. How gorgeous is this running pram?! Kit is such a proud ambassador for this pram and Noah loves his running adventures with his mum!!
  • Happy weekend Beautiful mums ♡ 
We've had an exciting week of BIG meetings (watch this space) and we're smiling our way into the weekend ❤

What you up to this weekend darling??