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That hormone relaxin

22 Nov 2017

  So, you may all know that this hormone in your body begins to increase during pregnancy, but why and what role does it play. First and foremost it is responsible for allowing the full internal cavity (your hips and ribs) to expand as your baby grows, while also reducing the stability of your joints…

Coffee with Monique Morton

21 Nov 2017

  Tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life. I’m a 26 year old single mum to a 2 year old little girl named Gabriella Genevieve.   What do you do to stay a) healthy b) active c) practice self love? A) I have always been a healthy eater, I think I…

4 weeks to a fitter YOU

16 Nov 2017

  Yesterday we were tagged in a Facebook post by one of the moms in our current early postpartum; she had this to say.. “I have never been dedicated when it comes to exercising and gyming but thanks to flourishingfitmoms and their amazing workouts I have been able to make time for myself at least…

Coffee with Beth

14 Nov 2017

  Meet Beth, mom & wife, who lives in the beautiful Theewaterskloof Valley (just over the Franschhoek Pass), South Africa.   Tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life. I’m married to my university sweet heart. We met in my first year and married in my final year. We have a…

Eat your way out of morning sickness

08 Nov 2017

  Pregnancy is a beautiful gift but the start to this journey can be incredibly difficult for some. Scientists aren’t entirely sure why morning sickness happens, so there is no hard-and-fast rule as to how to overcome it, however here are 4 nutritional ways to help you deal with it:   Nibble on a dry,…

Coffee with Steph

07 Nov 2017

Steph, tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life. I’m happily married to my favourite person on earth, Grant Wills 😍 and we have 2 gorgeous boys, Ethan (nearly 4) and Pax (16months) I am a full time mommy as well as owner and creator of Propa Food Bar. I make…

Coffee with Fi

31 Oct 2017

Fi, tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life. I am a 27 year old mom to my 7 month old gorgeous redhead baby girl Olivia and wife of 3 years so far to my hunk of a husband. I love fynbos, a decent slice of cheesecake and am thankful for…

Coffee with Shan

24 Oct 2017

Shan, tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life. I’m 31, single, and became a mom for the first time four weeks ago, when I adopted my little boy, Joel. I am a Biokineticist by training, but I left that to start a sports massage practice in Cape Town about a…

Coffee with Monique De Villiers-Delport

17 Oct 2017

Monique, tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life. I am a 27-year-old Umhlanga based journalist, happily married to my husband Brett who I have been with for over nine years, married for three. Together we have an 18-month-old daughter, Maddison. I am a full time journalist and online coordinator for…

Coffee with Melissa Mitchell from La lucia, Durban

10 Oct 2017

Melissa, tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life. Ive been married to my amazing hubby for almost 7 years now and we actually lived in the same road growing up so we have been friends for many years. We were lucky enough to get married on the romantic island of…

Sue Pretorius

“I am 3 weeks into my 3rd trimester of the Flourishing Fit Moms workout program and I am LOVING it! The exercises are super easy to interpret, and you can do them anywhere. All the exercises accommodate my growing belly and I feel really comfortable doing them.”

Cortnee Bentham

“Flourishing Fit Moms, thank you for this incredible well-thought out & easy to use pregnancy workout program. I love that you can do all the exercises from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. I so wish I had had this program from my 1st

Sheene Venske

“I am SO excited that there are finally safe pregnancy and postpartum workout programs available, designed by professionals for the average mom. I wish I had had this during my 1st pregnancy to aid in health and overall well being for both myself and my baby. I will definitely use these programs for my next pregnancy.”

Katie Turton

During both of my pregnancies (2) I found it challenging to carry during the third trimester; my body was uncomfortable and stiff. I followed the Ffitmoms program during my 3rd trimester this pregnancy (I have a newborn now) and I cannot believe the change. It really helped me stay mobile and comfortable, right to the very end. I loved how easy the program was to follow with minimal equipment required. I wish I had followed these programs throughout my pregnancy

Rachel Black

I am really enjoying the Flourishing Fit Moms pregnancy workout programme. I love the fact that it only takes around 15 minutes to complete one of the work outs using minimal equipment. The best part is I can do the workouts in my living room, in Dubai! It's easy to fit into a busy work day which is something that really appealed to me. I am so looking forward to starting the Trimester 3 program in a weeks time!

Sophie Slater

Thank you to Flourishingfitmoms for providing a great workout plan for 2/3 trimester moms. Helping me not loose touch with my body whilst pregnant. Looking forward to purchasing the post pregnancy workout plan!

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  • Pregnancy is not a time to develop hatred for your body. Choose to treat your changing body with respect by 1. Feeding it healthy foods 2. Staying active 3. Pouring love onto it through positive thoughts
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