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Learning to love your body postpartum

17 Aug 2017

  We know that it is so tough to love your body in the shape that it is in postpartum but in saying that, you’ve just birthed and grown a child. HELLO AMAZING MOMMY BODY!!! Self-love starts and ends in your headspace – something I (Kit) used to remind myself (and now do my coaching…

Coffee with Sarah

15 Aug 2017

  Sarah Booyens is based in Johanessburg, South Africa and she is well known local mommy blogger!   Sarah, tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life. Hello, I’m Sarah; wife, mama and coffee addict. Dan and I have been married for 4 years now and we are the super proud…

Our views on dieting…

14 Aug 2017

Having both been brought up in families who live active lifestyles, we were both inspired from a young age to love staying fit and especially to love the outdoors. Over the years, exercise, for both of us, has become a very natural part of your everyday lives (as any repetitive behaviour does). We love the…

Coffee with Mandy

08 Aug 2017

  Mandy is pretty-much FAMOUS in the mommy blogging world and a REAL inspiration!! We’re so honoured to have her sharing with us today. Enjoy mamas <3   Mandy, tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life. I am a married, work-at-home-mom of one 3-year-old little girl, Charlotte Rose (Charly). I…

What’s in Kit’s hospital bag

04 Aug 2017

  I so clearly remember, as we awaited Sarah’s birth in early 2016, hearing about all the various bags that I needed to pack for hospital and labour. I wanted to get it all in there – and spent a small fortune stocking up on mini shampoo, snacks, the works. This time round was so…

WIN this Women’s month of August

02 Aug 2017

August is Women’s month, we couldn’t think of a better way to SPOIL our followers then to give you a chance to WIN a gorgeous, trendy leather KLEA Lux Baby Changing Bags. We’re both mama’s and know how hard it is to find a bag that not only fits in all of your baby’s goodies…

Coffee with Shan

01 Aug 2017

  Shan, tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life. I have been married to my first (and only) love for 7 magical years. We have three beautiful kids – two boys (Jackson 5y and Jordan 3y) and a baby girl (Brooklyn 4m). I work with my husband in his sales and…

Coffee with Lisa (AKA: onemodernmom)

25 Jul 2017

  Kit met Lisa (onemodernmom) at the recent Dove baby product launch. Lisa is a Cape Town mama; she’s trendy, gorgeous and mom to precious Olly her son.   Lisa, tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life. I’m a ‘younger’ mommy to an almost three year old son, Oliver. His…

Sarah’s birthing story (Kit’s 1st child)

20 Jul 2017

  A few friends and followers have asked me (Kit) to share Sarah’s birthing story, in anticipation of our son arriving in a month and a bit. It was two days before her due date, 2nd Feb 2016, around 5pm when my Braxton Hicks contractions (a very common occurrence by then) started to feel more…

Coffee with Sheene

18 Jul 2017

Robs & Kit met Sheene through antenatal classes and she has since become a close friend. At the age of 18, Sheene (who is from the UK) met her now-husband Tyron while on holiday in SA . Ty is 17 years older than Sheene but you’d never know this when meeting this little family.   Tell us…

Sue Pretorius

“I am 3 weeks into my 3rd trimester of the Flourishing Fit Moms workout program and I am LOVING it! The exercises are super easy to interpret, and you can do them anywhere. All the exercises accommodate my growing belly and I feel really comfortable doing them.”

Cortnee Bentham

“Flourishing Fit Moms, thank you for this incredible well-thought out & easy to use pregnancy workout program. I love that you can do all the exercises from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. I so wish I had had this program from my 1st

Sheene Venske

“I am SO excited that there are finally safe pregnancy and postpartum workout programs available, designed by professionals for the average mom. I wish I had had this during my 1st pregnancy to aid in health and overall well being for both myself and my baby. I will definitely use these programs for my next pregnancy.”

Katie Turton

During both of my pregnancies (2) I found it challenging to carry during the third trimester; my body was uncomfortable and stiff. I followed the Ffitmoms program during my 3rd trimester this pregnancy (I have a newborn now) and I cannot believe the change. It really helped me stay mobile and comfortable, right to the very end. I loved how easy the program was to follow with minimal equipment required. I wish I had followed these programs throughout my pregnancy

Rachel Black

I am really enjoying the Flourishing Fit Moms pregnancy workout programme. I love the fact that it only takes around 15 minutes to complete one of the work outs using minimal equipment. The best part is I can do the workouts in my living room, in Dubai! It's easy to fit into a busy work day which is something that really appealed to me. I am so looking forward to starting the Trimester 3 program in a weeks time!

Sophie Slater

Thank you to Flourishingfitmoms for providing a great workout plan for 2/3 trimester moms. Helping me not loose touch with my body whilst pregnant. Looking forward to purchasing the post pregnancy workout plan!

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