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Trending baby names for 2018

17 Jan 2018

  2018 is here and we’re loving hearing of all the babies yet to be born this year!! Mums who are still looking for names, here are 10 of the top trending boys and girls names for 2018… BOYS Henry Gray Kei George Harley Jaxon Noah Oliver Harry Theo GIRLS Evelyn Poppy Willow Londyn Isla…

To belly wrap or not after pregnancy

11 Jan 2018

Postpartum belly wrapping is a tradition in numerous cultures and has been for thousands of years. Historically they have been used for people with lower back pain as well as tummy tucks because they increase abdominal support. But with child birth and postpartum recovery, these wraps can help women recovering from a vaginal or C-section…

5 ways to ease lower back pain during pregnancy

21 Dec 2017

  Did you know that by simply engaging a few muscles and being more aware of your core you can alleviate the majority of that lower back pain during pregnancy? In the second trimester, your posture is everything! And it is usually around this milestone that you will begin to experience that lower back pain.…

Coffee with Kerryn

19 Dec 2017

  Tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life. I’m Kerryn Jones, a Durbs Mom. I’ve been married for nearly 8 years now to my incredible husband, Matthew. We have an 9 month old son, Levi, who brings us so much joy! I’m a working mom – I work at Prince…

Get out, get active this December!

17 Dec 2017

  Both my husband and I (Kit) love adventure. We’ve both travelled to over 27 countries and we were THAT couple that woke at 6am every morning whilst on honeymoon in Bali in 2012, to go for a run {even in the rain one morning}. We love the outdoors, the sea, mountains, you name it..…

What is that sudden sharp shooting pain you may feel during pregnancy?

15 Dec 2017

  Are you in the second trimester and experiencing a sharp shooting abdominal pain that runs from your hip bone to your groin? So sharp that it feels like someone has stabbed you with a knife and you have to stop everything, gather yourself and then continue moving… Those intense, quick, stabbing like of pains…

Review: Chevonne from Owl Photography

14 Dec 2017

  In early November, we had the privilege of doing a Flourishing Fit Moms photoshoot in my parents’ garden, with the talented and lovely Chevonne Engels from Owl Photography. Not only did she make us feel super relaxed (Robs being 36 pregnant and Kit 6 weeks postpartum – both vulnerable stages of a mom’s life)…

I have a mommy bod!

13 Dec 2017

  After receiving a woolies voucher, I ventured off to the shops for a little shopping spree with Noah in-tow. I chose a gorgeous bikini, and some denim shorts, the perfect choices (I felt) for our upcoming Cape Town and then Southbroom holiday. I confidently tried on the shorts first. I tugged to get them…

Coffee with Chantelle

12 Dec 2017

Meet Chantelle Coombes, a gorgeous mom who is based in Blouberg in the Mother City. Surname pronounced k OO m b z:  (k)ey f(oo)d (m)e (b)at (z)en {The eternal struggle of people not being able to pronounce your surname right-my maiden name was also an issue.} 🙂   Tell us about you, your family and what excites…

Coffee with Pavla

05 Dec 2017

  Tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life. Hey, I’m Pavla – a wife, mom, sister, friend and digital strategist; loving life but avoiding adulting (well, as much as is realistically possible as a mom and working woman)! I have never really planned the big events in my life, but…

Sue Pretorius

“I am 3 weeks into my 3rd trimester of the Flourishing Fit Moms workout program and I am LOVING it! The exercises are super easy to interpret, and you can do them anywhere. All the exercises accommodate my growing belly and I feel really comfortable doing them.”

Cortnee Bentham

“Flourishing Fit Moms, thank you for this incredible well-thought out & easy to use pregnancy workout program. I love that you can do all the exercises from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. I so wish I had had this program from my 1st

Sheene Venske

“I am SO excited that there are finally safe pregnancy and postpartum workout programs available, designed by professionals for the average mom. I wish I had had this during my 1st pregnancy to aid in health and overall well being for both myself and my baby. I will definitely use these programs for my next pregnancy.”

Katie Turton

During both of my pregnancies (2) I found it challenging to carry during the third trimester; my body was uncomfortable and stiff. I followed the Ffitmoms program during my 3rd trimester this pregnancy (I have a newborn now) and I cannot believe the change. It really helped me stay mobile and comfortable, right to the very end. I loved how easy the program was to follow with minimal equipment required. I wish I had followed these programs throughout my pregnancy

Rachel Black

I am really enjoying the Flourishing Fit Moms pregnancy workout programme. I love the fact that it only takes around 15 minutes to complete one of the work outs using minimal equipment. The best part is I can do the workouts in my living room, in Dubai! It's easy to fit into a busy work day which is something that really appealed to me. I am so looking forward to starting the Trimester 3 program in a weeks time!

Sophie Slater

Thank you to Flourishingfitmoms for providing a great workout plan for 2/3 trimester moms. Helping me not loose touch with my body whilst pregnant. Looking forward to purchasing the post pregnancy workout plan!

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  • Finding time to workout, as a mom, is almost as impossible as going to the loo in private 😂

Mums..we'd LOVE to hear your tricks on how you manage to fit in a workout here and there..
  • it just us or does anyone else feel as if holidays never happened..already?? 🙈 Dreaming of summer!!
  • The love/hate relationship with your body during pregnancy is so real. How have you found your self respect and body image during your pregnancy??
  • A special shout out to one of the amazing moms in our Flourishing Fit Moms community. @onemodernmom totally rocked the Espresso show this morning...and we even got a mention. Thank you Lis ❤ We're SO proud of you and the fitness journey you embrace!!
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