The Mommy Workout: 8-week programme


Strong core & abs, toned arms & legs and excess weight-loss in time for summer..and all done from the comfort of your home (with accountability)!

What's included


The 8 week programme consists of four 2-week cycles and each week consists of 3 days of resistance exercises & cardio. The exercises in this programme get progressively harder with each new cycle (every 2 weeks) and the programme is designed to encourage toning, strengthening of abs/core muscles, excess preggy weight-loss and increase general fitness levels.


Through our secret Facebook group, you’ll be inspired with a weekly intro as to what your workouts will look like, updates and inspiration from Kit herself (who will be doing the program with you) as well as accountability activities.




Kit is one of the co-founders of Flourishing Fit Moms.

She’s a passionate runner, speaker, Psychology lecturer and mom. Kit’s daughter, Sarah, is 22 months old in Jan and her little boy, Noah, will be 5 months old on the 24th Jan.

Kit will be doing this programme alongside you!


Equipment needed

A swiss gym ball

4kg - 6kg weights

A skipping rope


You had a baby over +4 months ago

You are able to set aside 1 hour for exercising, 3 times a week

You are currently exercising but looking to up your game

You’ve got clearance from your gynae/GP to exercise


Starting: Monday, 22nd Jan 2018

Ending: Friday, 17th March 2018

Sneak peak of the workouts

We're SO excited to walk this fitness journey with you