4 weeks to a fitter YOU


Yesterday we were tagged in a Facebook post by one of the moms in our current early postpartum; she had this to say..

“I have never been dedicated when it comes to exercising and gyming but thanks to flourishingfitmoms and their amazing workouts I have been able to make time for myself at least 3 times a week. My transformation has been more in the way I look at exercise and myself. I have to keep reminding myself we are all different and we will all see results in different ways. I have learnt to stop comparing myself to others.”

And then later THAT SAME DAY, another mom wrote:

“I’m ready to be confident in a bikini again and happy that I’m actively doing something about it instead of just moaning and dreading beach days. Thank you Flourishing Fit Moms”

And so.. knowing that as much as we all wish that waving a magic wand would sort out all of our problems starting on the 1st of Jan, this is totally ridiculous thinking. We’ve decided to launch a 4-week “Respect your body” supported program. The heart behind this is 2 fold:


  1. Bikini-ready is SO NOT A THING!

We never feel ready to whip off those clothes when December hits, but what we can feel is healthy, fitter than before and more in-tune with our bodies.


  1. 2017 isn’t over yet

YES you may be wishing away these final few weeks (4 weeks until most begin their December holiday), but the truth is that you DO still have 4 weeks to make this year count. Rather than wait for January, build some momentum now instead and cruise into the New Year as if it merely were a day later than the 31st Dec, not some magical beginning of a failed list written the evening before.


What’s included in this 4 week program:

  • 4 week workout plan (Min 3 days of exercising per week) done from your own home (or gym)
  • Access to a secret Facebook support group
  • 10% discount on our 6-month postpartum support group that starts Jan, 22nd next year.


One more thing..

We’ve been blown away by the commitment and hugely positive feedback of our supported groups and this has made us realize how valuable an accountability group really is.

So.. for the next 4 weeks we promise to:

  • Encourage you daily
  • Hold you accountable where possible
  • Get your buy in through you engaging with other moms in the group


Sign up now for ONLY R250 for the 4 week supported program


Program dates:

Starting: Monday, 20th November

Ending: Friday, 15th December


Equipment needed:

  • Swiss gym ball
  • Skipping rope
  • Weights (2 – 4kgs)



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