Robyn Krause

Robs is an outdoorsy mom, Biokineticist and sportswoman. She completed her Bsc Sports Science & Biokinetics honours degree at The University of Stellenbosch and later completed her Masters in Sports Medicine at the University of KZN, working with elite endurance athletes. Robs loves competitively taking part in trail running and mountain biking. She also loves travelling and enjoys working with a wide spectrum of patients from sportsmen and women through to pregnant moms.

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About me

Caitlyn de Beer

Kit is a fit, healthy mom, Psychology lecturer, life coach & speaker. She has her honours degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Results life coach who has worked with over 300 individual clients - inspiring them to create & live a life that they love in a body they're comfortable in.  Kit also loves Jesus, running, the beach, yoga, her husband, daughter Sarah & baby boy (Noah).

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Flourishing Fit Moms

Both Robs & Kit have always been passionate about health and fitness and both managed to stay active and healthy during their first pregnancies. They saw the benefits of staying fit during pregnancy and the huge impact it had on their self esteems as well as getting their bodies back in shape postpartum.

One of the biggest things that they both noticed, both during and after pregnancy, was how many friends and even random people at gym/work asked them for advice on what exercises one can and can’t do during pregnancy and in the first few months postpartum. Based on this, they were inspired to create something for the everyday mom who hopes to keep her body in shape during pregnancy and get active again postpartum all the while maintaining or developing self love.



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  • Last day to register for our 8-week Mommy Body home-workout supported program. 
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  • Finding time to workout, as a mom, is almost as impossible as going to the loo in private 😂

Mums..we'd LOVE to hear your tricks on how you manage to fit in a workout here and there..
  • it just us or does anyone else feel as if holidays never happened..already?? 🙈 Dreaming of summer!!
  • The love/hate relationship with your body during pregnancy is so real. How have you found your self respect and body image during your pregnancy??
  • A special shout out to one of the amazing moms in our Flourishing Fit Moms community. @onemodernmom totally rocked the Espresso show this morning...and we even got a mention. Thank you Lis ❤ We're SO proud of you and the fitness journey you embrace!!
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