My baby is teething…HELP!


Some babies seem to cruise through teething and mums suddenly notice teeth without any signs of a struggle, and then you get MY KID. Not 1 of Sarah’s teeth snuck out without sleepless nights, runny poos and whining. Nope. We knew about every ONE. As Noah (my, Kit’s, 2nd child) potentially nears the teething stage…

Here are my 3 teething tips:

  1. Teething toys

There are some stunning teething toys on the market at the moment. Pop into any local baby store and find out what they have in stock. We love Sofia the giraffe, raw wooden teethers (the teether below is available online from Zuzu Collective) or any plastic toy that can be cooled down.


2. Frozen fruit

A stunning idea for teething babes is to freeze pureed fruit in an ice tray and then to put an ice block (of fruit) into a netted-fruit-feeder-dummy. These can be bought at Baby City or Dischem (in SA) and are a total win for babies over 6 months old.


3. Pressure

Teething babies love to feel pressure on their sore gums. Teething biscuits or a wet cloth are great options to help relieve pain and to distract their brains from this pain.


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