To belly wrap or not after pregnancy

Postpartum belly wrapping is a tradition in numerous cultures and has been for thousands of years. Historically they have been used for people with lower back pain as well as tummy tucks because they increase abdominal support. But with child birth and postpartum recovery, these wraps can help women recovering from a vaginal or C-section delivery with their main posture also being abdominal support, and in some cases even self-confidence. But is that a good enough reason to make use of a wrap?

There are in fact a number of other VERY good reasons to try out a postpartum belly wrap:

  1. It gives support to the womb after birth
  2. It Speeds up the healing process of the uterus and provides a cleansing of blood clots
  3. It helps to reduce common back and shoulder pain associated with nursing by improving


  4. It relieves water retention
  5. It improves circulation
  6. It provides excellent support after surgical births (however wait at least 2 weeks to allow

    proper oxygen to the wound for healing)

Personally one of my most favorable benefits of a belly wrap, although technically physiological, is that they may make you feel more comfortable and supported, therefore you may feel like moving more. And we all know that the more you move and exercise, the quicker you get your pre baby figure back!

Lastly a few tips, as belly wraps can hurt if not used correctly:

  1. Wrapping too tightly can put undue pressure on your core, pelvic floor, and ribcage negating any positive effects.
  2. Using a belly wrap without paying attention to your rehab exercises and alignment is no good – it isn’t a bandaid solution.
  3. Wrapping top down, instead of bottom up can place stress downward on the pelvic organs, rather than alleviating them of pressure.
  4. And if you are going to choose to use a belly wrap it is recommended that you use it after delivery for four to six weeks to reap the maximum benefits.

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  1. Emily | The Multitasking Mom on January 13, 2018 at 1:21 pm

    Are there any particular belly wraps that you recommend?

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