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Tell us about you, your family and what excites you in life.

I am a widowed mum to Elijah who will be three in September and we live in Cape Town. My husband tragically died just over two years ago in a helicopter accident on duty fighting a fire. I am a makeup artist and a lifestyle photographer and lifestyle blogger in training.

Angela, you are one brave mommy!! Please share with us your journey in being widowed with a baby, and how you’ve coped

Being a widowed mum is such a hard journey. It is really hard watching all your sweet baby’s milestones and not having someone special to share in it. Raising a toddler is hard but raising a toddler while experiencing intense grief is nearly impossible. I do however have a good support network of family and friends that help me out a lot. But there are some things that they cannot help with. Ultimately I have to raise my child alone, which is scary. I did not go into this wanting to solo parent and Darrell certainly did not want to die and not see his child grow up and share all the joy with me. I have recently found a huge love for photography and blogging though and both of these are helping me to heal tremendously. That and the fact that when you have a two year old you really just have to get up smile everyday. Because how grumpy do you have to be to not smile at a toddler.


What do you do to stay a) healthy b) active c) practice self love?

a) My favourite healthy food are protein pancakes, I firmly believe in banting and these fall nicely into that lifestyle and I have perfected my recipe so that are just so yummy.

b) I love Bodytec, which I have been doing for nearly 2 years. I was at the physiotherapist about twice a week because of stress and muscle imbalances and Bodytec totally sorted it out. I also love running and in February I completed my first half marathon. I won’t tell you my time but I am so proud of myself that I got up and did it. {Woohoo – GO ANGELA}

c) I love long hot baths but Cape Town is in a drought even though we are in winter so those are out of the question. I also love going to spa’s and having a back and shoulder massage.


What advice do you have for fellow moms/moms-to-be?

Do not be scared of your baby. Cuddle them, baby wear and co sleep. They are little for such a short amount of time and just cherish that. Also do not plan much when you have a new baby. Spend time at home just bonding. It is such an important time.


Are there any quotes you love?

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” Winnie The Pooh


Any final words for our readers?

Tell and show your loved ones you adore and cherish them everyday.


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And now finally, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below –

Are you a single parent and do you have any coping mechanisms you can share with our readers?


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