Coffee With Charene…

Meet Charene Soares, a mum of 2, entrepreneur and mommy blogger. Living in Gauteng, South Africa.

Tell us about yourself…

I am happily married (going for 10 years this year). I ended up marrying the guy I had a crush on when I was younger and wrote love letters to. I have two beautiful children – Jaxon is my eldest and is almost three years old. Ava recently joined our family and is almost seven months old. I own my own business – I run an independent Pre-Primary and Primary school named Archers College. Aside from this, I recently decided to explore my creative side some more, hence I started my jax_and_ava Instagram account – a creative space where I get to share stories about my beautiful children, tales of motherhood and our everyday life. I love being active, love travel (I would travel the world a lot more if I could), enjoy getting stuck into a good book if I have some spare time and I love putting things aside for a little bit if I am able, so I can write or just have some creative fun putting together content for my social media pages.


Tell us about being a mum to a Pigeon Pair…

I LOVE being a mom to a pigeon pair. When I found out I was pregnant with my first, I really really wanted a little girl. We then found out we were having a little boy and this changed things quite a bit – but I was even more excited. When we got the news that we were having a little girl this time around, I was so excited. Having a pigeon pair is like getting to enjoy the best of both worlds. There are so many fun aspects to having a little boy – Jaxon is adventurous, boisterous, loves to get dirty, wrestle, but it also a cuddler. I have loved every minute with Ava – she is definitely more dainty and I love the way she stares at her big brother with adoration all the time. In turn, Jaxon dotes over has little sister and is very protective of her. He is so caring towards her and I can’t wait to see them get even closer over the years to come.



What is your favourite:

Healthy Food:
My favourite meal of the day is breakfast so I love a healthy owl of gluten-free oats with a bit of honey and almonds sprinkled over. I also love poached eggs with avo as an alternative.
Way to stay active:
I love functional training. I have been enjoying Kayla Itsine’s BBG programme and currently busy with week 5 of the programme.  I also enjoy walking – especially at the Botanical Gardens nearby our home. Another favourite is Pilates.
Self Love Act:
Being a mom of two and running a business full time etc., doesn’t allow too much time for self love acts. Making time for exercise is one and the other is getting manicures and pedicures every three weeks. I never skimp on this.
What advice do you have for all moms on your experience?
Trust your instincts. Very often your own parents give you advice, then your friends say something else and then the nurses say otherwise. Listening to too much advice can be confusing and make you feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Go with what you feel is right for you and your baby, it always works out the best when you do this. You have your own story to write and tell and everyone of us has a different story to share. I also strongly recommend ‘finding a tribe and loving them hard.’ I have a very close group of mommy friends whom I share all our highs and lows with. It’s especially comforting and encouraging when you are going through a tough time with your new baby to know that your friends have or are experiencing the same, and you all there for one another. A last bit of advice is to soak in every bit of time you can with your baby when he/she is a newborn. It’s the hardest, but fastest stage and you miss it a lot when they grow up.
Any motherhood/health quotes that you love?
I love the saying: “The nights are long, but the years are short.” Just a reminder that motherhood has its challenges, but in the blink of an eye, our children are all grown up and you suddenly miss all those small exciting moments -like the first smile, or first step taken.
Any final words?
Motherhood is the hardest, but best job in the world! I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I am so grateful for my beautiful children.
Where can our readers find you online?
I love sharing stories and updates mostly on Instagram  jax_and_ava.
I have recently started a Facebook page as well –
I also have a site for my blog –

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