Coffee With Kirrah


Meet Kirrah Stewart, a Doulah for over 10 years living in Byron Bay, Australia.


Tell us a bit about yourself…
I’m married to my soul mate. We live a rustic life with 65 chickens and 2 horses. I really believe it takes a village to raise a child so I am actively involved with Alloparenting two beautiful girls while also loving on my sweet nephews. I’ve been a Doula for 10 years and I love helping families feel excited about birth and nourished in postpartum.
Tell us about your experience as a Doulah working with pregnant and postpartum mums?
I adore working with women from their first trimester all the way to their ‘fourth trimester’. I provide holistic care and nourishing support. It’s such a pivotal time in a woman’s life and I believe the more supported she feels, the more transformative this journey can be.
I also run an ‘online red tent’ for women. This is an online pregnancy and postpartum support group to help women feel excited and ready for birth and connected in early motherhood.
What is your favourite: a) Healthy food b) Way to stay active  c) Self love act
Healthy Food: blueberry smoothie with vital greens
Ways to stay active:  horse-riding
Self love act:  an aromatherapy bath
What advice do you have for new moms or moms in general based on your experience?
Learn to ask for help. People are more than willing to help a new mama out.  As difficult as it can be, learn to say yes when people offer to help.
Are there any motherhood/health quotes that you love?
It takes a village to raise a child
Where can our followers find you/your brand  online?
You can find me on Instagram

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