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Meet Mel Strauss, a natural mom of 3, based in Sydney, Australia.



Please tell us a bit about yourself:

My man and I have been together for 13 years, we are not married though! We have 3 children together, our eldest is 9, then we have a 3yo and the littlest is 1 year old. We live in a small house so spend a lot of time together and also outside! I love being outdoors in nature, whether it be the beach or the bush. I have been tiedying for years and last year started a small biz selling my creations. This has been so fulfilling and I’ve met a lot of new friends through it too!


Tell us how your online community have contributed to you raising your kids?

When I had my first babe, my man was working long days and none of my friends had kids so I felt quite isolated being at home on my own after so many years of working. I first started using social media around this time, mainly to share pics with the grandparents who lived all over and we didn’t see often. It grew so far beyond that, I had no idea there was such a huge tribe of mothers just like me, sharing little moments and advice, this is exactly what I needed! I started following a few mums from all over the world and developed friendships with complete strangers over the web, which was new to me! I never realised anyone would be interested enough to follow me if they didn’t know me in the ‘real world’ but I felt the same as them, their pics brought a smile to my face and the conversations that I sorely missed were just a click away!

When I was pregnant with my second babe, I had a tribe of my own to support me and tell me how beautiful I was, encourage me when I was overwhelmed and inspire me too! This made such a difference to my frame of mind and really empowered me! By the time I had my 3rd babe, my tribe had grown even bigger and continues to do so! I am so incredibly grateful to have this support, I think so many mums out there find it hard to transition from working woman to stay at home mum, especially when you are the first to start making babies in your friends, life changes and as much as you still love your mates, you can’t necessarily ask them for advice about birth or pumping, you need a mum tribe for these sort of things! You can always go see a doctor, but you can’t text them at 2am with your strange questions and be reassured the way a mum friend does! The experience & advice you gain from your mum tribe is invaluable! We learn from each other, inspire each other & lift each other up, that’s what it’s all about ♡


What is your favourite:

Healthy food:  I love baby spinach & avocado

Way to stay active:  I don’t drive at all, I walk everywhere I go or catch public transport for long journeys or we take the car if we all go together as a family somewhere. Walking daily to school and the shops keeps me fit and playing with the kids too.

Self love act: I love escaping to the beach! It nourishes my soul, something about the salty air and the sand, the water, the sounds, it just takes me to my happy place


What advice do you have for new moms or moms in general based on your experience?

Trust your gut! You know your baby better than anyone, even if you feel like a complete rookie! Don’t be hard on yourself about anything, that first year is a time of growth and change, you just have to ride the wave and enjoy the moments, don’t be afraid to reach out for help or advice, there are so many mums out there just like you or who were just like you and know exactly what you need.


Are there any motherhood/health quotes that you love?

A mother understands what a child does not say


Any final words?

Find your tribe & love them hard!


Can our followers find you/your brand anywhere online? 

Instagram: @mumneedscoffee and business page @stylinmum


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