Coffee With Mycaila

Meet Mycaila Burgess (newly Stevenson). A born and bred Capetonian living in Glasgow, Scotland.
Tell us a bit about yourself…
So much has changed in the last few months of life! I have recently just become a Mrs to Robbie as of the 5th Jan 2018 – he is a Scottish lad, and I am a complete South African.
We have one daughter, Harper Jade. She is 5 months old and is such a bubbly little bubi with a permanent gummy smile.
I was working in Public Relations/Social Media but since left that job when I moved to Scotland. I am currently a stay at home mum with Harps, in-between mumming, I run my blog and help run hubby’s side business which we have plans to grow. I have also just started my FINAL (YAAAS) year of my Public Relations Management qualification. This has to be the LONGEST qualification ever – 5th year down the line, even though it’s a 3 year course. I LOVE photography and taking pictures of things. I’d love to pursue this interest with a photography course which would also help with my blog content.
I have a major passion for health and fitness (although I totally let things slide while I was pregnant last year). I have since jumped back on the bandwagon with my postpartum weightless journey.
I am also very interested in pursuing a career change of pre and postnatal personal training as I feel that there is such little out there on the market for the mummies not wanting to only keep fit during their pregnancy, but to also help them return to exercising safely after baby, especially C-section mummies. It can be very difficult not knowing where to start.
Tell us about how your fitness plan is going and how you keep motivated:
My fitness plan is going really well. I gained 32kg while pregnant and have every intention to work my way down to my pre baby weight with a basic plan of 45 min cardio 3/4 times a week combined with bodyweight/strength training before being able to go back to lifting weights again.
At the moment, I am focused on building up my strength and pelvic floor muscles before being able to do direct core exercises. C-section praaablems!!
I have created healthier eating habits by filling myself up with plenty of veggies/fish/eggs/ calorie controlled smoothies and swapping dairy milk for almond milk. Although this all sounds very strict, I do allow myself to live and practice balance with having treats/dinners out/wine (I mean, wine is a necessity, surely?)
I keep myself motivated by constantly wanting to change what I am seeing in the mirror every day, but I am also loving myself in terms of appreciating that my body has grown a human and is healthy through everything that has happened. Another great motivation is that I have some pre pregnancy clothes saved which I am planning to fit into when we go for our Summer holiday to Cape Town in December. Also understanding that this journey is filled with slow progress helps keep my goals in perspective.
I find that setting SMALL, realistic goals helps. My first small goal is our trip to London in February. I’d like for one of my long coats to fit my arms again by then (not too far away). I also go to a local weekly weigh in every Saturday morning. This helps me to not eat weekend treats on a Friday night, eliminating one possible weekend treat day.
What is your favourite:
Healthy Food: Definitely steamed prawns with garlic (protein with hardly any calories. Such a win win sitch!)
Way to stay active: Power walking on incline or walking with Harper in her carrier on my chest and exploring the countryside by our house
Self love act: I’d LOVE to say a bath with LUSH bath bombs, but we don’t have a tub in our house, so I’m going to go with shopping (buying 2 items of clothing) as a reward for every 3kg that I lose.
What advice do you have for new moms or moms in general based on your experience?
Coffee is life! Coffee with a side of gummy smiles!
Oh but it is SO WORTH IT!
Are there any motherhood/health quotes that you love?
Remember that any exercise is better than no exercise
Any final words?
Always remember to appreciate the small things in life and always be grateful for every blessing and opportunity that comes your way.
Can our followers find you/your brand anywhere online?
Absolutely, you guys can find me on Instagram or my website

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