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Meet Tracey Dawson, a mum of 2 boys living in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a 30 something wife and mom of two beautiful boys Liam (9) and Cole (1). I’m a full time working mom navigating my way through my busy, yet fulfilling life. I’m a creative by nature, love tasty colorful food and have a weakness for all prickly plants!


Tell us how you managed that first 6 weeks of motherhood

In this motherhood journey of mine, I’ve learned that patience is key. Live in the moment and always remember there will always be a time for everything else that I need to do. Patience affects everything. Because without patience, I am unable to hear my children, attend to their needs, and really connect with them. Through patience, I have survived many sleepless nights, hours of tantrums and loads of homework sessions.


What advice do you have for new moms or moms in general based on your experience?

Always remember, that this too shall pass and that once a staged has passed by, you will never get to have those moments again. So cherish every minute you have with your kids. There is no such thing as too much love.


Are there any motherhood/health quotes that you love?

Motherhood is the toughest job you will EVER love!

Any final words of advice?

From mother to mother, remember that you will never be the perfect mother but you are perfect for your child! And remember, care for YOU before you can care for anyone.

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