The content in the eBooks found on this website, were written by Robyn Krause (Biokineticist with her Masters degree in Sports Medicine) and Caitlyn de Beer (Motivational speaker and life coach with her honours degree in Clinical Psychology).

These eBooks were designed to encourage moms/new moms to stay active during their pregnancies. It is essential that all users consult their gynaecologists before beginning this program/any exercise regime during pregnancy or postpartum.

Flourishing Fit Moms workout programmes are not designed to promote weight loss or muscle gain during pregnancy. They are specifically designed to encourage users to stay active and healthy during their pregnancies. No guaranties are given that by following these programmes, users will not experience excessive weight gain (during pregnancy).

While thorough information and research has been done to create these workout programs, users should not use these programs to replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. These eBooks are also not designed to suit anyone with injuries or health problems.

Users need to stick to the correct trimester eBook to ensure that appropriate exercises are done at their specific stage of pregnancy. If users ever become uncomfortable, out of breath or the exercises feel very difficult, then they should cease all exercise immediately, and consult their medical doctor or gynaecologist.

Flourishing Fit Moms co-founders (Caitlyn de Beer and Robyn Krause) assume no risk for the use of these programs. While the head trainer (Robyn Krause) at Flourishing Fit Moms is registered under the Health Professions council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Biokinetics Association South Africa (BASA), medical professionals are known to differ on certain beliefs regarding exercise during pregnancy/postpartum and these programmes thus need to be seen as a guideline as they are not individually tailored. Flourishing Fit Moms thus make no warranties as to the accuracy or usefulness of these documents.

The content found in these eBooks is copyright, 2017 ยฉ Flourishing Fit Moms, thus these eBooks may not be reproduced in any format (photocopying, recording, electronic, mechanical, broadcasted) or sold without permission from the co-founders of Flourishing Fit Moms.

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  • One of our founders @caitlyndebeer is living her best life in Turkey on an amazing vacation and ticking off her to do list before she turns the big 30! Have you set yourself some goals you want to achieve or late? Is becoming a fitter or more healthy part of that list? As a mom itโ€™s not easy to put your needs at the top of your list. We totally understand that at @flourishingfitmoms , we have designed our programs to work around your schedules and make it simpler to work out from home.
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  • The theories out there regarding exercise during pregnancy are plentiful. We (Robs & Kit) often find ourselves sending each other pictures/magazine articles/fitness posts that literally blow-our-minds when it comes to the inaccuracy of information that people are putting out there with regards to exercise during pregnancy. We definitely donโ€™t assume an expert role when it comes to our views on this topic, however Robs has studied this at University level for 7 years and definitely knows a lot more about the physiology of the human body above many โ€˜supposed expertsโ€™ who have done a short course in exercise during pregnancy or have created theories based on their personal experience. 
Follow the link in our bio to read Robs views on exercising in trimester 3.