Early Mommy-hood workout: 9-week programme


Re-establish core muscles, tone arms & legs and work on a healthy mommy mindset in time for summer..and all done from the comfort of your home (with accountability)!


On signing up for the supported fitness journey, you'll receive your 9-week workout programme as well as 3 self-love, inspirational audios designed by Kit. You will do your workout programme from home but will be supported by Robs and the other members of this group throughout your 9 weeks. 

What's included


3 self-love audios that are 10 -15 minutes in length and cover topics:

  • Happiness starts with your headspace
  • Learn to love your body in your journey to regaining fitness
  • Rock this mommy thing & create a life that you love waking up to every morning

Designed for early post-baby, the workout programme consists of three 3-week cycles. Each week consists of 3 days of resistance exercises. The workouts are about 20min long and thus can easily be done while baby naps. Cardio suggestions are also included.


Through our secret Facebook group, you’ll be provided with a weekly intro as to what your workouts will look like, updates and inspiration from Robs herself (as she too will be doing this program) as well as accountability activities.



Robs is one of the co-founders of Flourishing Fit Moms.

She's crazy about anything outdoors, spending time with her family, trail running, the beach and most importantly her 2 kids Mackenzie, who is 23 months old and Indie, who is 6 weeks old. 

Robs had Indie 6 weeks ago so she will be doing this programme alongside you!

Equipment needed

A swiss gym ball

Resistance band


You’ve had a baby in the past 3 months

You haven’t yet got back into exercise

You’ve got clearance from your gynae/GP to exercise again



Starting: Monday, 29th Jan 2018

Ending: Friday, 30th March


"I am really enjoying the early postpartum program. It's giving me something to commit to, for myself, to better myself. The workouts are quick and really easy to do in the comfort of your home and it's so nice to wake up, work out and feel refreshed for the day ahead. Thank you Robs & Kit."

Amy Dunstone

"I am absolutely loving this program! Your guidance and encouragement is amazing and it's really a blessing having a group of girls cheering each other on!  The program is perfect for having a little one- it's enough time to squeeze it into a busy babe schedule (and time literally just seems to disappear hehehe) but also to feel so good afterwards! Love how my body feels after each session and to know that I am nourishing this precious body even if some days it feels like I will never lose that jelly belly hehehehe! I can already feel changes and love that I am gently restoring my body without putting it in any future harm."

Amy Rule

"I have REALLY enjoyed getting back into an exercise routine with your Early Postpartum Supported Program! I haven't worked out in almost 3 years, and I've really missed it. I'm feeling better about myself mentally and physically, and its been an awesome stress reliever for my hectic work days. Thank you!"

Melissa Dwyer

Sneak peak of a few exercises

We're SO excited to walk this fitness journey with you