Eat your way out of morning sickness


Pregnancy is a beautiful gift but the start to this journey can be incredibly difficult for some. Scientists aren’t entirely sure why morning sickness happens, so there is no hard-and-fast rule as to how to overcome it, however here are 4 nutritional ways to help you deal with it:


  1. Nibble on a dry, cracker/biscuit first thing in the morning

Eating soon after waking up has been said to help fend off morning sickness, as an empty tummy can bring on nausea.


  1. Stay away from sweet desserts

Sweet foods are known to cause queasiness. Try to stay away from sugars in general and if you’re needing a little ‘sweet lift’ then choose dark chocolate as an alternative for ordinary chocolate. {A great habit to form even outside of morning sickness}


  1. Eat small, frequent meals

By eating often, you can stabilize your blood sugar (low blood sugar can bring on a queasy tummy), so instead of eating three meals a day, try to eat a snack or small meal every two hours or so throughout your day.


  1. Stay hydrated

Drink, drink, drink. Try to get in at least 8 glasses of water a day, and remember to choose fruits that are high in water too, to add to your liquid intake.


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