The economical laid-back 2nd time mum


38+ weeks of pregnancy couldn’t have come quickly enough for me (Robs), first and foremost because I literally suck at being pregnant. While on the outside it may appear that Ive got my glow on and that Im keeping active and everything is hunky dory, but this couldn’t be less true.

As previously mentioned in another blog post, I am very fortunate in that I fall pregnant at the drop of a hat (My friends often mock me that I simply need to walk over my husband’s underwear and I’m pregnant…. Yes I know we are very fortunate) However from 6 weeks after seeing that little positive test, the rollercoaster ride begins for me. I suffered from Hyperanisis morning sickness and was hospitalized 4 times on drips due to dehydration between week 6 and 16 this time around. I literally couldn’t lift my head off the pillow for 10 weeks and basically had Tim running around like a single dad doing everything with Mack during that period. However, around 16 weeks its like I wake up a different person and it has completely gone, hallelujah!

BUT BUT BUT…. Thats when the heartburn rollercoaster ride begins, oh wow the heartburn, I literally cant explain the PAIN, the physical pain I experience from reflux right from within my chest to the top of my throat. I have worked out that I have used over R10000 worth of Gavescon, and that is no exaggeration. I go through an average of 3 bottles a week as its the only thing any health professional will allow me to use. This time around it got so bad that I was referred to the ENT who had to do a scope down my throat to assess why exactly it was so sore, all he could tell me was that “he’s so sorry but the acidity of the reflux has made my throat completely raw and that I just have to continue as is”. Now trust me I have tried every trick in the book – NOTHING WORKS besides drinking Gaveson by the litre!!! Boy oh boy am I looking forward to the immediate relief I feel once giving birth, and not having to drink that thick gluggy peppermint stuff again.

That aside I really don’t mind the physical aspect of being heavily pregnant, I manage well in the heat and don’t really get to the point where everything aches and Im just desperate to “get this baby out”. So I sit here 38+5 weeks pregnant with the mind set that Im ok to wait a further 2 or more weeks for this little bundle to arrive if need be (Im a firm believer in allowing them to bake as long as THEY need and letting them choose their birth dates, just a personal preference of mine). Don’t get me wrong the sooner the better, of course… and I did go into labour at 39+6 weeks with Mack and had him on his due date, so here’s to holding thumbs that this baba graces us with his/ her presence next week or soon there after.

Originally I sat down to write this blog about “The economical, laid back second time mum” because the majority of my friends literally cant believe how “disorganized” I have been this time around. So having gone off on a bit of a tangent above just to get you up to speed with where I am right now let me run you through my approach to this second baby, due in only 8 days time….

Firstly as most of you know, we don’t know what we are having. We kept it a surprise with Mack which we just loved. However last time around I had such a strong feeling that it was a boy that I wasn’t one bit surprised when he arrived. Our boy and girl name was settle upon about 6-8 weeks before he was born. We had no doubt in out minds that it was Mackenzie Caleb if it was a boy and Payton Masey if it was a girl. I was very laid back last time around, not having packed a hospital bag even when my waters broke, nevertheless I did have a nursery of sorts ready for the arrive of our first born.

HOWEVER take 2, believe it or not we literally still have no idea what this second baby’s name is going to be… We kind of have a list of our top 5 favorite girls and boys names but we haven’t even attempted to settle on an actual full name. Now this is not for lack of agreeing on one or anything other than the fact that every time we attempt to talk about it we’re both like “ah lets chat about this later…” Well later is yet to come. I also have absolutely NO idea or feeling this time around as to what I am having, It started off in the first couple of months as a very strong girl feeling, then changed to a boy feeling for the middle of the pregnancy and now towards the end I’m just clueless. I think this is potentially what I’m most excited for – hearing the Dr announce what it actually is..EEEEK.

As for the nursery… what nursery… I shipped Mack out HIS nursery and into a brand new big boy room (pic below of us painting Mac’s new room) last week and decided it was time to attempt to get ready for the imminent arrival of baby number 2.


We’ve borrowed a second cot and compactum for the baby as I wanted to keep Mack in as familiar environment as possible so that he doesn’t get that unwanted feeling. So as it stands we have 2 of everything, hello crammed bedrooms. I then attempted to unpack the box of new born clothes that I have kept from Mack, and was completely shocked by how utterly tiny everything is. Was Mack honestly that small and how on earth am I going to handle something so small again… I hung everything up and unpacked anything else we have to do with new borns and felt very proud of myself. I was now ready! When a friend promptly told me I needed to rewash/ sanitize everything again – Um no, not me… Im sure this baby will survive just fine with everything exactly as it is right now, again hello laid back disorganized mama. And yet again my bags aren’t packed and Im in no ways mentally prepared for this baby to arrived. I feel like my list of “to do’s” is still to long and needs to be complete before he/she does arrive. There’s still students prac exams on the go this week as well as their reports to be written, my Xmas shopping, anniversary gifts, birthday presents, the last few things Ive been wanting to do on our new home, and so the list goes on…



So here I sit not having bought a single new thing for this new baby, assuming that it will survive just fine on everything hand me down as I did as the third child, knowing that if it arrives any day soon it will simply be known as Baby Krause for the first few hours/days of its life. And I’m honestly ok with all of it… Now Kit and I couldn’t be more different in this approach, she literally has no idea how I’m doing this right now.

For now, let the waiting game continue…


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    Love it! What a refreshing read!

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