Get out, get active this December!


Both my husband and I (Kit) love adventure. We’ve both travelled to over 27 countries and we were THAT couple that woke at 6am every morning whilst on honeymoon in Bali in 2012, to go for a run {even in the rain one morning}. We love the outdoors, the sea, mountains, you name it.. we’re there!! In 2010 we did our 1st stage race together and crossed the line after 100kms of hard trail running over a weekend, holding hands and more in love than ever before.

And so whilst this digital world that we live in, and that is so heavily affecting the youth, scares the living day lights out of us, it has also inspired us to make a concerted effort to give our kids every opportunity to get outdoors and learn to love being in nature. So our family weekends are filled with beach outings, lots of time in our garden, trips away to the Berg or our beach house and PLENTY walks/runs on the promenade or around our neighbourhood.

Before Sarah was born we bought the Graco Evo Trio pram. It’s a gorgeous, well-made pram that is perfect for urban strolling and has served us so well..but being runners, we had yet to find it in us to spend a fortune on a new running pram when we’d just got the Graco, and so we bought an affordable running pram which was lovely but didn’t quite match up to the pace we hoped to train at, with our Sarah in toe. {We’re fortunate that Sarah LOVES being in a pram and is an adrenalin junkie, like her mama, so she’s all for fast runs in the pram.}

Then, just after Noah’s birth in late August this year, we became brand ambassadors for the TFK Joggster brand in SA and our life as running parents escalated. FAST. This pram is AMAZING. Yes it’s made for runs, and that part we love, but I think what I love more about this pram is that you can add on so many different parts, to make it the perfect pram as an urban stroller too. {Gone are the days of needing 2 prams for different functions}. We were given the Recardo Priva Carseat as well as the carrycot which both fit into the prams frame, thus allowing us to use this pram as an everyday pram too. AND we were also given the buddy seat, which connects at the back of the pram, allowing a sibling to ride along too.

A few weekends ago, we spent the weekend in Umhlanga, and did at least 2 walks/runs along the promenade with both our babes, daily, in our new TFK Joggster.


Our encouragement to you as we head into the December to put away those phones, iPads and turn off the TV. Get your kids outdoors again and better yet – get outdoors WITH THEM. Encourage them to play in the dirt, swim in the sea/pool, build forts – you know, live as we did, at their age. The benefits of outdoor play are limitless and the fresh air does us all a whole lot of good!!


PS: The TFK Joggster can be purchased from SproutAbility and is the perfect gift for your family this Christmas


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