I have a mommy bod!


After receiving a woolies voucher, I ventured off to the shops for a little shopping spree with Noah in-tow. I chose a gorgeous bikini, and some denim shorts, the perfect choices (I felt) for our upcoming Cape Town and then Southbroom holiday. I confidently tried on the shorts first. I tugged to get them over my hips and then desperately attempted to close the button. They fitted. VERY tightly. But fitted. But then I took off my top and that’s when my inner critic came out to play. Needless to say the trying on of my new bikini didn’t exactly leave me in awe. No; quite the contrary actually. My eyes welled up with tears as I faced the oh-so-clear facts. I HAVE A MOMMY BOD.

Somewhere deep down, I had this belief that it was okay to judge my mommy body on my 25-year-old-pre-baby ideals. Where this notion crept in I am unsure. Sure, I stayed fit whilst pregnant and I work hard (as hard as one can with 2 kids under age 2) to stay active now, but the deep truth is, that I HAVE A MOMMY BOD. If you’re thinking now how you’d love for my body, please pause; I promise, someone is saying the same thing about YOUR body too. We’re so quick to compare, to want what someone else has, when in truth YOU ARE some ‘other’ mom’s envy.

Now…I’m not usually a body-hater. If anything I’ve worked hardest at loving myself (and building myself up) from the inside out. And yet even with my strong self of sense, still here I stood, in Woolies (nogal) with tears streaming down my face. It’s as if every time I think I’m doing so well at loving myself, I have these ah-ha moments when I’m totally humbled by my oh-so-clear continuous journey to self-love and body respect (regardless of what I look like).

What is it about carrying extra mom-weight, in odd places, that we hate so much?! I mean, seriously, we just carried and birthed a human being. That is FREAKING phenomenal. You shouldn’t have abs now, if anything we should be haters of those, not of a wobbly-tummy. But it’s harder than that. I get it. To love your mommy-body (with all it’s changes) is almost contrary to what the world is currently stressing; A fit, healthy, strong, mindful mom. Gracious, most days doing my hair in a messy bun is hard enough!! {For sure I do fit in exercise at least a few times a week but I’m sure you get my drift}.

So back to the Woolies changing room!! As if on cue, Noah started howling for a feed (A definite God moment). I picked my self-pitying-sorry-ass off the floor, I held my babe to me and I fed him, topless apart from my new bikini. And in that very moment, it dawned on me. I AM A MOM. The beauty I saw reflected in the not ONE but THREE mirrors in that changing room was as clear-as-day. I grew, nourished and birthed this kid. Me. And now here I sat feeding him, again nourishment from this VERY same mommy body that I was previously hating on. Body love is hard work. But what if, just for today, we celebrated our mommy bodies. The ones that carried, grew and fed our babes, the ones that empower us to juggle the many roles that we do; the cooking, lifting, cuddling and bit of me-time for exercise that we desperately try to fit in too. What if, just for today and then just for tomorrow, we carried ourselves (our bodies in whatever form they currently are in) with pride, as a MOM!! Our Flourishing Fit Moms preggy & postpartum programs are a beautiful way to show your body respect as you tone and strengthen, but even a toned body unfortunately won’t produce self-love unless we get that messaged into our headspace.


“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old!”


So here I sit writing this (at the very Shopping Centre that I had my mini-episode at last week) whilst drinking a delicious large latte, nibbling on a croissant (and yes I have already eaten breakfast) and smiling as Noah smiles up at me. We’re off to Cape Town this weekend, and whilst my body is more toned (thanks to our postp program) then it was 8 weeks ago, it still is (and reveals) the body that recently grew my little human and gracious can I be proud of this mommy body of mine!!

And as can you, Beautiful!



  1. Inge Madden on December 13, 2017 at 8:45 am

    love it love it love it! Well done Cait! And enjoy your well deserved holiday with your gorgeous family in all it’s glory and beautiful mommy bod!!! MWA

    • Caitlyn de beer on December 13, 2017 at 10:54 am

      Thanks Inge <3

  2. Sue Keal on December 14, 2017 at 7:25 am

    What a beautiful post , Caity ! We all need to be reminded as women how our bodies are meant to change !

    We are designed to be moms and I agree, need to learn ourselves in totally. We are so much MORE than our earthly bodies !

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