Learning to love your body postpartum


We know that it is so tough to love your body in the shape that it is in postpartum but in saying that, you’ve just birthed and grown a child. HELLO AMAZING MOMMY BODY!!! Self-love starts and ends in your headspace – something I (Kit) used to remind myself (and now do my coaching clients), all the time, is that not all skinny girls are happy. Skinny doesn’t equal happiness; rather happiness is birthed within, in a space where we dedicate our energy to love on our bodies by making healthy choices, and thinking healthy thoughts!!!

3 EASY habits to help you love your body postpartum:


1. Write an inspiring self-love quote on your mirror and read it out aloud everyday. While this may seem pointless, remember that it is through repetition that your brain picked up on ‘hating’ your body, it didn’t happen overnight; the same goes for rewiring our brains to look for the positive. PLUS, a positive self image fuels a healthy lifestyle, meaning that by thinking better thoughts about yourself, you automatically are more likely to make better health choices and avoid self sabotaging and opening the biscuit jar (again).


2. Rub-a-dub-dub Putting cream/lotion on your body after your daily bath/shower is a beautiful self-respect practice that encourages your brain to focus on caring for your body rather than rejecting it. Your weight distribution is different postpartum and that is something to come to grips with. This habit of putting cream on my whole body everyday had such a positive effect on me (Kit) loving my new postpartum body, especially in those early few weeks when you still look pregnant.


3. Make a conscious choice to get active  Over the first 6 weeks of returning home with a newborn, your baby should be your primary focus, not your body. In saying this, staying hydrated and making healthy food choices will likely keep your blood sugar levels up leaving you feeling better and with more energy. But if you get the ALL CLEAR at your 6 week gynae check-up, then we really encourage moms to get active as soon as possible. This is NOT about becoming body-obsessed, but rather making  a decision to dedicate a few minutes to a light home workout or heading out to the gym, if you’re up for that and beginning to get back in touch with your body! (Here’s a link to our +6 week postpartum programme, which includes 3 self love audios).


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