We’re no fitness models

At our first photoshoot, our photographer suggested that we take off our tops in order to see our bumps (and bodies) better. We had a good laugh at the bras we’d both chosen to pack in (old and faded)…and Kit had just finished a toasted sandwich whilst Robs downed a big cappuccino. HELLO bloated tummies!

At our second shoot, we anticipated the no shirt thing after being thrilled with our first set of pics..but this time around our photographer suggested that we put some body lotion onto our arms to make them look more defined and ‘glowing’. Of course neither of us have body lotion and we had to borrow from our trimester model at the shoot.

We’re no fitness models. While we both looove staying fit, we’re more of the natural type athletes. Our earrings don’t match our sports bras (Kit doesn’t even have pierced ears) and neither of us run or gym with no tops on…unless it’s December holidays and the humidity is so bad that we plunge into the sea in our running shorts and sports bra post-run.

We love to eat healthy foods but also don’t obsess over food and sure don’t do extra reps to get our bodies ‘ready’ for our shoots. We are moms, HELLO, no one has got time for that 😅

Where we’re at fitness wise right now:


Being so far along in her pregnancy, Robs is currently walking 3 -4 times a week, with Mac in his jogger (30 – 45min walks). She is also still doing our trimester 3 program once to twice a week; but isn’t loving resistance workouts as much this time around so she;s rather trying to keep mobile with her walks. PS: She even managed to complete 4 matches of tennis at a Christmas party on Sunday.


Kit has been running (and partaking in) our  early week postpartum supported program and she is LOVING it. While she couldnt exercise whilst breastfeeding Sarah (low milk supply), she is managing to do short workouts and even the odd 4km run this time around..and is loving getting back it.


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