Melissa Dwyer


I have REALLY enjoyed getting back into an exercise routine with your Early Postpartum Supported Program! I haven't worked out in almost 3 years, and I've really missed it. I'm feeling better about myself mentally and physically, and its been an awesome stress reliever for my hectic work days. Thank you <3

Katie Turton

Katie Turton

During both of my pregnancies (2) I found it challenging to carry during the third trimester; my body was uncomfortable and stiff. I followed the Ffitmoms program during my 3rd trimester of my recent pregnancy and I cannot believe the change. It really helped me stay mobile and comfortable, right to the very end. I loved how easy the programme was to follow with minimal equipment required.

Sue Pretorius testimonial pic

Sue Bachelor

I loved your third trimester workout programme! The exercises are super easy to interpret, and you can do them anywhere. All the exercises accommodated my growing belly and I felt really comfortable doing them. Thank you girls!


Amy Dunstone

I am really enjoying the early postpartum program. It's giving me something to commit to, for myself, to better myself. The workouts are quick and really easy to do in the comfort of your home and it's so nice to wake up, work out and feel refreshed for the day ahead. Thank you girls!


Amy Rule

I am absolutely loving your early postp supported program! Your guidance is amazing and it's a blessing having a group of girls cheering each other on! The program's perfect for having a little one & I love how my body feels after each session.

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Sheene Venske

I am SO excited that there are finally safe pregnancy/ postpartum workout programs available, designed by professionals for everyday moms. I wish I had had this during my 1st pregnancy to aid in health and overall well being for both myself and my baby.


Sophie Slater

Kit & Robs,  Thank you for providing a great workout programme for preggy moms. Your programme has helped me to not loose touch with my body whilst pregnant. Looking forward to purchasing the postpartum workout programme too!


Vicky Honsbein

I love that even after a long day, once the kids are in bed, I can still fit the workout in, in the comfort of my home. Its my me time. I tried a few times after my 1st baby to get back into shape but just couldn't get it right. I'm so glad I found Flourishing fit Moms after my 2nd baby. I feel amazing and love that its becoming a habit. I'll definitely be using their pregnancy workouts through my next pregnancy.


Rachel Black

I am really enjoying your pregnancy workout programmes (I've done both trimesters 2 & 3). It's easy to fit into a busy work day which is something that really appealed to me, and the best part is that I can do the workouts in my living room here in Dubai.



Your programme has really made me fall in love with exercise again. It's my 'me time' now and I'm really having fun with it. Thanks girls <3



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