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The workout plans sold on this page are available for immediate download on any electronic device that supports a PDF format.

Consult a medical professional before commencing any exercise regime, especially during pregnancy or postpartum. The workouts sold on this page are in no way intended to be a substitute for expert advice.

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  • Pregnancy can be incredibly hard on our bodies. One thing we strongly recommend is to look after your tummy in the process of bump growth. Some mums love bio oil others more natural tummy rubs. @mamamioskincare_sa sell a stunning organic tummy rub which is great for pregnancy. PS: @thrive_za stock this stunning product!
  • If you're looking for a strong core, abs and defined arms then push ups are a GREAT place to start. Ladies push ups are perfect for building strength in your upper body in early mummyhood. We advise doing 15 reps x 3 times once to twice a week
  • New on our blog! Coffee With Jen - A nurse and mum to Carter, living in Cape Town. Follow the link in our bio to read this inspiring post..
  • Any new mums following us?? Sending you tons of love in these early days of motherhood. Know that the mixture of emotions that you are feeling are so normal...even the frustration (you are not ungrateful..just a mom). ❤❤
  • Celebrate YOU. Its tough to love our mommy bodies, new facial lines/scarring and the odd gray hair but we do it not just for ourselves but for our kids and for their growing self esteems. What we model is what they learn and ultimately often become. Be the BEST example of self love for their sake ❤
  • Robs' daughter, Indie's, 1st swim at 2 months old ❤