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Pregnant... Missing your glow?

Let us help you GET YOUR GLOW ON!!

The workout plans sold on this page are available for immediate download on any electronic device that supports a PDF format.

Consult a medical professional before commencing any exercise regime, especially during pregnancy or postpartum. The workouts sold on this page are in no way intended to be a substitute for expert advice.

The products sold on this page, are not for resale or redistribution, and to do so is a breach of copyright policy and fines may apply.

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  • Another gorgeous happy customer ♡

I started the Flourishing Fit Moms program in my second trimester and have loved every workout ever since. The programs are specifically designed to be managble during pregnancy and have helped me stay relatively fit and healthy throughout. I have loved how easy they are to follow and have managed to complete them all within the comfort of my own home! I have always been an active person and was worried that this would stop during pregnancy but with the help of these manageable programs I am still exercising well into my third trimester! - Marielle Fritsch
  • Everyday #preggy mums can workout too!! ♡

Staying active during pregnancy isn't only for fit mums, its for every mum. The benefits of a bit of exercise during pregnancy are enormous for mum and babe. ~

That's why we designed our programs to be able to be done from home (comfort is key during pregnancy) & to take only 15 - 20min of your time (you're busy and we get that) ~

Follow the link in our bio to sign up as a member and receive your 1st month of us. ~ * As a member you also receive weekly inspiring emails, accountability, access to a library of info & a forum and of course you can download your weekly workout too
  • Talking tummy ♡

Lets talk tummies. Saggy, wobbly, stretched and beautiful: its a mom thing!!! Preggy/Postbaby bellies look SO different to what they did before we fell preggers and that's totally worth celebrating and rocking (many women would give anything to grow a life in their belly!) To celebrate our mummy tummies and their uniqueness, we're asking you to send us a pic of your talking tummy with a little caption as to what your tummy is saying. Every Wednesday we'll post a talking tummy and caption, to inspire us all to love our #postbabybody. No names will be linked to images ♡

PS: Inspire us with your captions. Let's create a space for mums to embrace their bodies and flourish!!
  • We've decided to treat you..just bcos we can.  We know how tight money is and we want to make our preggy and postbaby workout programs available to everyone so... Your first months membership fee is on us Beautiful. ♡

Just use this code when u check out: CDB57
  • Sunday crush ♡

We're totally crushing on the #tfkjoggster. How gorgeous is this running pram?! Kit is such a proud ambassador for this pram and Noah loves his running adventures with his mum!!
  • Happy weekend Beautiful mums ♡ 
We've had an exciting week of BIG meetings (watch this space) and we're smiling our way into the weekend ❤

What you up to this weekend darling??