Trust your way

As I am sure you’ve seen through my (Kit’s) social media feeds by now, I jetted off to Cape Town last Thursday for the big launch of Dove’s exciting new baby product range. What you may not know though, is that I only committed to the event 2 days before….


Let me back track a little.

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and while I am carrying a rather large child (currently 2kg’s), I have had a stress-free pregnancy. Okay wait, maybe I’m wording that wrong. I had an operation in Jan to remove our baby (an incorrectly diagnosed ectopic pregnancy) but obviously left hospital with baby still intact. I then reacted badly to the anesthetic and landed back in hospital and then home with a caterer in for 4 days. I spent an evening in casualty when I had a tummy bug at 16 weeks pregnant and currently have a bacterial infection that could seriously hurt our bub is he catches it during birth. We launched a new company when I was around 22 weeks pregnant and then I’ve been working flat out on my own brand too. I have a 16-month-old wild child, who is the most phenomenal human, but doesn’t quite understand the art of sleep or eating. But apart from that my pregnancy has been smooth..


I was recently stopped at gym at 6am, by a fit fellow mommy, who said she followed me on social media and couldn’t believe that I was managing to juggle everything so well this late in pregnancy and that I seemed so relaxed about welcoming a baby into our family when my daughter will only be 18 months old. I smiled and said, “I have an amazing nanny and husband – that helps”. And then I jumped in my car.. and I sobbed. And quite honestly, the sobbing has returned in bits-and-bobs over the past month or so. While I’m as real as I can be on social media, the truth is that all you see there are the moments that I ‘choose’ to post. Even a day in bed in my onesie, is worded in such a way that it seems that I have it all together. But darling moms/moms-to-be; I don’t always have it all together. I promise. I have in every sense created a life that I love waking up to every morning; I absolutely love my career, my family and I make time for the things that light me up inside, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have wobblies over baby no 2’s arrival, lose my cool with Sarah or eat a full pack of marie biscuits in one sitting. I do all these things too. I am a mom. A real one. Just learning to “trust my way”.


With all this in mind, I am hoping you can understand why I considered not flying to CT for the Dove product launch last week. Although all costs were covered, another full day of travels at 30ish weeks preggers and then knowing Se would likely keep us up all night, didn’t quite sound as glamorous as it may have appeared on social media. In saying that, I opted to go, on a whim (trusting my intuition which said I’d be okay although my gynae advised I slow down), and I jumped on a plane at 6:20am with 2 other mommy bloggers, from Durbs en-route to Cape Town and later the gorgeous event venue in Constantia.


Surrounded by 30-odd mommy bloggers (many of us whom have developed friendships over social media but have never met before) and magazine-media from around the country meant that the morning (pre-event) was spent with coffee in hand, and many a screech, giggle and even cuddle. Most of us knew little of what the day would hold, but were soaking up every minute of free networking, yummy food (and coffee) all in a setting that made us envious we couldn’t call this spot home.


The event then kicked off with a panel discussion focused on. Wait for it…  “Trust your way”…as a mom!!!!

Yes, you heard right. After doubting myself again and again, trying to master this whole perfect mommy thing (far too many times) and then always reverting back to listening to the ‘voice’ within, here I sat, surrounded by those who (quite frankly) appear to all have mastered this perfect mommy thing too – and we were fed with news that it’s okay to not be perfect. That REAL is in fact a far better word.

The Dove event flowed from this delightful discussion to a testing area, where we got to see (and hear) all about the in-depth research that has been done to develop this new baby product range, as well as see (first-hand) how it compared to other local brands. While I’m not a fussy product user, I was blown away by the depth of knowledge that the Dove team had, and how ingeniously they had designed this user friendly, gorgeous range of baby products.


We left the event with full hearts, and arms (products galore) and giggled our way through the airport as we attracted many a gentleman who showered us with corny comments; the funniest being…

“I always thought that storks brought babies…now I see that doves do!”


Thank you Dove for the most wonderful day and I can’t wait to begin using your products on our baby boy, due in August.



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