Winter Warmers: Eat your way through winter with confidence


We’re SO excited to share with you that tomorrow (Friday), we will be launching a new series on our Blog, called “Winter Warmers“, run by Jenna Bowes (dietitian).

In Jenna’s words…

Dark, frosty mornings and early sunsets, chilly days and even colder nights. Not things we associate with crispy fresh salads and regular exercise sessions now is it? It’s time to shift our mind-set and welcome winter with both arms open. Winter is all about oversized jerseys, think socks, yummy comfort food, roaring fires and losing sight of our weight goals or gaining a few because that’s just what happens. Well it does not need to be. Let me show you (over the coming month of June) how to embrace the cold and all the associated comfort food without any of the guilt. It is time to indulge a little.”

Every Friday for the month of June Jenna Bowes will be sharing with us 1 nutritional tip as well as a winter recipe to ensure that we can all ‘eat our way through winter with confidence‘!!



Jenna is a dietitian with a huge passion for everything health, wellness and vitality. In her words; “I strongly believe in living a healthy and active life while at the same time achieving balance. Easier said than done I know. Enjoyment of food is a big part of life. People celebrate birthdays, religious events and special occasions with and around food, but when it comes to healthy eating, often the enjoyment factor associated with eating food it lost. This is where I love to educate and demonstrate how healthy food can still be tasty and full of flavour without the calorific impact.”



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