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Pregnant... Missing your glow?

Let us help you GET YOUR GLOW ON!!

The workout plans sold on this page are available for immediate download on any electronic device that supports a PDF format.

Consult a medical professional before commencing any exercise regime, especially during pregnancy or postpartum. The workouts sold on this page are in no way intended to be a substitute for expert advice.

The products sold on this page, are not for resale or redistribution, and to do so is a breach of copyright policy and fines may apply.

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  • We understand moms. We know that you need to have a fitness program that works for you in your time. Babies don’t always work to a perfect schedule. Our workout programs are easy to do in the comfort of your own home, when you are ready 💗
  • Need more info on @flourishingfitmoms and what we do? Visit our website and have a browse - link in bio 💗 ➕ Plus info on buying your tickets for Every Body is Beautiful can be found there too... get yours today 😉
  • Motherhood can be all consuming, and we normally place our own needs very low on the “to do” list. Remember you can’t look after others if you are not looking after yourself too. Being tired and not able to keep up, is frustrating and especially when our little ones have tons of energy. Having a fitness program you can do on your own time (even in your pjs), means you can give yourself some much needed me time. At @flourishingfitmoms we have developed programs for different staged in your journey. Take a browse on our website for more info.
  • Our belief is that pregnancy is not a time for adding muscle mass, losing weight, doing intense cardio or drastically increasing fitness levels, but rather a time to respect your changing body by staying active through regular, safe workouts.
  • We are so excited about the two BIG things happening here at FFM.  First - if you are in Durban... have you bought your ticket for our ‘Every Body is Beautiful” event? The morning consists of a two course breakfast, giveaways, motivational talks and cool pop up shops. 💗💗💗 Live in Durban or anywhere around the WORLD 😊 well we have our very first program coming out this month specifically targeting your core tummy muscles. This includes a private Facebook support group - at a ridiculous introductory offer of just R150 for 4 weeks - crazy awesome right??? For more info on both of the above- link is in our bio 💗🙌🏻💗
  • ‘Walk a mile in her shoes’ 
Flourishing Fit Moms was developed by moms for mom. We know your needs and struggles. Those seeking a way to stay fit while juggling motherhood will find our do it from home workouts plans work to your time allowance. On the 16th of July we start our 4 weeks to a stronger core support group go read more - link in bio.