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  • Last day to register for our 8-week Mommy Body home-workout supported program. 
Link in bio..
  • Finding time to workout, as a mom, is almost as impossible as going to the loo in private 😂

Mums..we'd LOVE to hear your tricks on how you manage to fit in a workout here and there..
  • Mums..is it just us or does anyone else feel as if holidays never happened..already?? 🙈 Dreaming of summer!!
  • The love/hate relationship with your body during pregnancy is so real. How have you found your self respect and body image during your pregnancy??
  • A special shout out to one of the amazing moms in our Flourishing Fit Moms community. @onemodernmom totally rocked the Espresso show this morning...and we even got a mention. Thank you Lis ❤ We're SO proud of you and the fitness journey you embrace!!
  • New on our blog today, the top 10 trending baby names for 2018. Is your name on this list?  Link to post in bio